Our Specialized Ezbacks


People often wonder how some earring backs can be stronger or safer than others. There are a few factors that really impact the durability, making sure your earrings never get lost. Firstly, the amount of silver or gold and its thickness impact how tight the butterfly can grasp your post earring. Secondly, make sure not to shower with your earring backs on, as the shampoo and soap can loosen the tightness of the butterfly back making your post slip out. 

What makes Universal Ezback's special? These earring backs provide a high ratio of gold or silver to silicone, allowing for maximum comfort and grip on your ear. The extra silicone on the back of the butterfly provides a layer in between the end of the post of your earring and that little spot behind your ear that's always being poked! (Yes, we all know that frustrating feeling when your'e trying to fall asleep...) 

Our Ezbacks retain their gripping strength with all normal wear (we suggest not placing them in the washing machine or dishwasher), and are completely non-latex and nickel-free

Although each earring back is one-size-fits-all, we offer three different sizes in sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold, with a variety of combo packs, providing customers options for their preferred aesthetic. Earrings are no longer sold as just front-facing designs, so why not style the back of your ear with a comfortable and cost-efficient Ezback?


To view these our different styles and options, click here

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