Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone and 14k White Gold Medium 2 Pairs

UNIVERSAL EZback earring backs are made of soft and clear high grade allergy free silicone with a solid [not plated] 14k White Gold butterfly friction clutch inside.

USE THESE extremely comfortable and secure earring backs to hold your earrings securely in place and don’t worry anymore about losing your earrings.

UNIVERSAL ONE SIZE FITS ALL-The tight grip of the silicone enables EZbacks to universally fit most earring posts.

HOW IT WORKS -The butterfly catches the post of the earring and the silicone re-enforces the friction to keep the tight grip secure even over time.

EARRING SUPPORT - This size has an amazing additional advantage feature which is the EARLOBE SUPPORT SOLUTION. The wide disc shape of the soft silicone works wonders and allows the following benefits (1) Support stretched or torn ear lobe piercings caused from wearing heavy earrings (2) Prevent ear lobe piercings from stretching or tearing (3) By supporting the weight from behind the lobe your earring won't droop anymore and the soft silicone will allow you to feel comfortable even when wearing your heavy or large earrings.

WORKS BEST with posts with a groove to catch and latch on to.

TO BE used with regular post back earrings and other earring types as desired and as seen fit.

THE SILICONE works as a SAFETY BACK for adults and will cover most or all of the post so that the end of post will not poke into skin while being active or sleeping.

IMPORTANT! Be sure the butterfly passes the earring post notch or groove so that it is secure in place.

UNISEX for male or female and can be used by women or men.

SIZE - Diameter 9.2 millimeters or 0.36 inches; Height 6.5 millimeters or 0.26 inches.

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