Our Brands


At Massete, we believe that buying and gifting jewelry should be a memorable experience filled with joy and accompanied by love. We are inspired by the idea that wrapped up carefully inside a tiny box, there is a unique and beautiful timeless piece of art, serving as a reminder that you are valued.

Founded in 2011 and rooted in a rich heritage that began with diamond cutting, Massete is a family-owned and operated business built on generations of fine jewelry knowledge and experience. We created Massete to deliver high-quality, functional, and daily-wearable fine jewelry at affordable prices while encouraging positivity and self-expression. We see our business as an opportunity to create value for our customers, our team members, and the world.

We are passionate about bringing the latest designs and trends to our customers and often travel to Europe for inspiration and to update our jewelry collection. We work with independent and trusted, professional manufacturers in Europe and beyond who provide competitive prices and high-quality alloys. Our commitment to creating a safe and purposeful work environment includes sourcing ethical and conflict-free diamonds and stones and upskilling our employees. We offer fast delivery, exceptional service, and high-quality jewelry that our customers love.

We take great pride in our wide range of real gold, including 10k, 14k and 18k, and Sterling Silver designs. Thanks to our niche understanding and experience in child and teen jewelry, our customers can also rest assured that our products for children under 12 have been lab-tested in the US and are compliant with CPSC and CPSIA standards for children’s products.

Every day, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with fine jewelry at affordable prices while enhancing our industry with joy, respect, and creativity.