Warranty Policy

  • To claim the warranty, you must present proof of purchase and the original product must be returned.

  • Warranty does not cover lost items.

  • Warranty is void when there is obvious deliberate damage or damage caused by harsh chemicals or environments.

  • If item is altered or modified in any way for post purchase customizations, we may deny the warranty.

  • If for some reason the item is not in stock or discontinued, you will receive a store credit which can be used to exchange for another piece.

  • Where applicable, we reserve the right to repair the item over a replacement.

  • The warranty covers a one-time replacement of the product.

  • By registering for the warranty you agree to receive occasional communication from us about promotions, new products and important updates.

To claim the warranty, you must present proof of purchase.

Click here to find your order through Amazon1.

Click here to find your order through our online store2.

1Amazon - When you are logged in to Amazon you can find your order information by clicking on your orders from the dropdown menu (top right of page)

2Online store – To easily find your order number, look for your order history when you are logged in to our website. You can also search for your order receipt in your emails.

We understand you may have received your item as a gift. Where possible, kindly contact the person that purchased the gift and ask them to share the order number so that you can claim your warranty.