Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone



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  • SOFT SECURE EARRING BACKS - Great for Diamond Stud Earrings; Very Comfortable; Fits Most Earrings; Extremely Strong and Secure Grip; Retains Original Gripping Strength Over Time
  • SKIN SAFE - Nickel Free; Hypoallergenic; High Grade Soft Silicone; Non Latex; Should Not Cause Skin Irritation
  • ORIGINAL AND AUTHENTIC - Authentic Universal EZback Patented Product; Superior Quality Compared to Copies; Comes in Branded Massete packaging
  • LOBE SUPPORT FEATURE FOR SIZE MEDIUM AND LARGE - Drooping Earring Support; Prevents Stretched Piercings; Solution for Stretched Earlobes

  • SIZE SMALL - Diameter 6 millimeters [0.24 inches] Height 4 millimeters [0.16 inches]
  • SIZE MEDIUM - Diameter 10 millimeters [0.39 inches] Height 6 millimeters [0.24 inches]
  • SIZE LARGE - Diameter 11 millimeters [0.43 inches] Height 7 millimeters [0.28 inches]




    Shipping Costs

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Julissa Langley
    Comfortable and don't come off, just easy

    Buy some and get rid of old backings. These are really good. They don't stab me because there are no hard parts, and they fit over all my earrings posts so far, unlike the previous backings I had. I can put on and take off a mask without my earrings coming undone and falling off.

    Jimena Pierce

    I am anticipating using these for my upcoming wedding. These are good quality and came in really nice packaging. They are a perfect fit for my gold pearls.

    Hailie Wilson
    Great tight fit

    I got my order in two days, and I am very happy with these backs. They have a great tight fit, and I have showered and slept in them for a week without them coming off at all. With the cheap backs I had before I would definitely not have done that. I used to always lose my earrings because of those cheap backs. I was given a gift of beautiful earrings by my husband and I really didn't want that to happen with them. They don't even rotate in my ear with these, I love them.

    Melina Dawson
    Necessity that small and inconspicuous

    I have tried lots of different backs over the years, and this is the definitely the best. I am ordering a few more because my friend borrowed my other pair, and seems to be really into them, so chances of me getting them back.... We probably won't need the new order in the near future, as the ones I have have been going strong, but good to be prepared in case. The back stays snug on the gold thread on the earrings, and it doesn't move or slip. I have used it for a few years by now, and throughout everything including sleeping exercising and showering, it stays and does not get caught on things.

    Luciana West
    I got small for baby

    The small size works perfectly for me, I'm very happy with it. I also really like the fact that that it's a rubber back, it keeps my daughter from getting poked. My baby has her ears pierced and we have a beautiful set of earrings for her that we were given as a gift. However, the backs they came with just wouldn't stay on properly, and would often be on the verge of falling off after a full day. I eventually lost one them. In addition, as the earrings are tiny, regular backs wouldn't stay snug on the post. These are a perfect fit for her.

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