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Certificate of Authenticity for Jewelry and Precious Metals

by Zev Samuel 29 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered why we include a certificate of authenticity with our jewelry?

Customers have asked us what value the certificate of authenticity adds.  Is it not just a simple printed paper from the brand? Couldn’t anyone just print this? How can I prove with this paper that the jewelry is really gold or silver as stated?

 These are valid questions, and I will try my best to answer them.

First let me start by saying why we as a brand include the certificate with our jewelry.

  1. The certificate of authenticity is our brands promise to you as a consumer. We proudly stand by the fact that we are selling is gold or silver and that we are advertising accurately and with honesty. It’s our way of saying we are 100% confident as a brand with what we are selling and that we stand behind our words.
  2. We received many requests over the year from our customers to include the certificate of authenticity as other brands do. Our customers wanted us to include it in order to differentiate the gold and silver items from similar items that are not precious metals and therefore cheaper. Our customers want their gift recipient to know the value of their gift.

 Now that I have explained why we add the certificate let me try to answer the questions mentioned above. The certificate is not a proof if the item is silver or gold, it’s just a promise that we make a brand. To actually prove it is gold or silver you must perform the correct tests which I will leave for another blog.

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